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    Simple Faith by Margaret Silf - book cover

    The Power of One

    This whole universe, with its trillions of galaxies, began as a tiny speck of concentrated energy; smaller than a grain of salt. When you were...
    straw hat and gloves

    Miss Woodland

    The strictest teacher I ever had is also the one I recall as the gentlest. For most of the time she taught us mathematics,...
    Jesus Approaches by Elizabeth Kelly

    Jesus Approaches

    One of the great gifts of my life as an editor is the opportunity to meet and get to know the wise and compassionate...
    Living Against the Grain: How to Make Decisions That Lead to an Authentic Life by Tim Muldoon

    An Authentic Life

    The direction of an authentic life is always one that serves others. It may be a life of contemplative prayer in a cloister, in...
    Holy Desperation by Heather King

    No Prayer Warrior

    Talk of “winners” and “warriors” with respect to prayer is, to me, oxymoronic. Christ told us to be willing to take the last place,...
    The Joy of Discipleship by Pope Francis

    Joy and Mission

    Jesus is not a lone missionary; he does not want to fulfill his mission alone but involves his disciples. In addition to the twelve...
    Living Against the Grain: How to Make Decisions That Lead to an Authentic Life by Tim Muldoon

    More Stillness

    What if, instead of more action, what we need is more stillness? What if, instead of more speech, we need more silence? What if...

    Wise Thoughts for the Graduate—and for the Rest of Us Too

    In this graduation season, we share some wise and hopeful words from the late Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart, in I Wasn’t Dead When I Wrote This:...
    Holy Desperation by Heather King

    What I Did Each Morning

    We’ve been given this insane gift of life. We’re living in the midst of the Resurrection. And all day, all night, still our hearts...
    Sacred Space: A Little Book of Encouragement - edited by Vinita Hampton Wright

    When I Feel Unseen and Insignificant

    The popular prayer site Sacred Space is a joint apostolate of the Irish Jesuits and Loyola Press. We publish the Sacred Space books for...