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Perceive More Than the Weather

sun and clouds - weather symbols

As we settle into autumn, consider these reflection points on Luke 12:54–59, excerpted from Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2020 by the Irish Jesuits.

A glance at the sky or a whiff of the wind, and you can have a good guess what the weather will be like. So, Jesus asks the crowds, why they are not perceptive enough to see what’s going on around them? As humans created in God’s image, we have the ability to perceive more than just the weather. I pray for help in cultivating wisdom and discernment.

Weather forecasting has improved immensely. However, one’s life is not so easy to predict. The ability to be honest with myself and to be in touch with the movements in my heart and mind provide a wonderful and solid foundation for interior growth. In my prayer I ask the Lord for the gift of sensitivity.


  1. As I gaze in wonder at fall color, the reds the oranges the greens the rust – I have this vision of God with a paint brush, a little daub here, a russet there, then I envision Him trowing down His paint brush and the splatters become the vivid colors of fall. For me fall becomes, dated back to growing up on a farm the busy, the harvest, the rush to get the grains in the bin, the prayer for more warm days to combine. All of it is haste to put it to bed and then winter becomes a time of rest and reflection, to cover up, the cold crisp air, nature sleeps under the blanket of snow. A harsh and bitter cold can also be the time to stay in, to consider the future, what to seed in the spring. The seasons of the earth also become the season of my faith, winter the anticipation of the birth, the eagerness of His coming, the joy of the birth, the celebration of Him, the joy of Mary’s baby boy. Then the spring – His mission His life His passion His death becomes the pain of losing Him – His yes Mary’s yes. The summer follows new growth – new colors, I to begin anew to praise and celebrate to accept His gift to me Him and the cycle begins again. So each season becomes a time for me to rest in knowing that soon as the ageing process continues. I to will come to my winter to die in my earthly life, to put it to bed, to harvest my life and pray that in it’s end of that season. I to will have faced my crucifixion and risen to my resurection in Christ. To meet my Lord my Master – for He will welcome me with wide open arms and ask “where have you been my child, welcome home, help me paint the spring”


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