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    Love As If . . .

    Love as if loving is the first thing on your to-do list. Love as if you have no other plan but to love. Love as if...
    autumn leaves

    The Grace of Autumn

    Autumn Leaves Summer’s end cathedral windows paint pale canvas, dapple our shadows with sight, for colors pieced and patched quilt earth to sky; precious colors once hidden within, made plain by grace, grace us. Fall’s Last...
    treasure box with light shining out of it

    Giving in God’s Name

    A Room Filled with Treasure You showed me a room filled with treasure, precious, priceless, and told me it was mine; I marveled: what a gift! such abundance! a comfort to...
    woman breathing fresh air - photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash


    While we’re often called to actively participate in God’s good work in the world, sometimes God tells us to stop for a bit and...
    Jesus and Simon's Mother-in-Law by Meister des Hitda-Evangeliars

    Healing and Comfort

    Sometimes God heals and comforts us, like Jesus did for Jairus’s daughter, the woman with the hemorrhage, and Peter’s mother-in-law. Sometimes God heals and...
    Pentecost flames


    Pentecost I watch Your branches dance, bathed in morning sun, and wonder at the work of Spirit’s breath between the leaves; what You have begun You will fulfill, and we who wait so...
    mirror and flowers

    Scars and Make Me a Mirror

    Scars Some wounds take a long time to heal; some wounds never heal; sometimes there are scars, perpetual evidence of a love well-lived. You still have the wounds, evidence of...
    hand holding red flower

    Triduum Poems

    Sunsong (Gethsemane prayer, Holy Thursday) sunlight pours upon the field in early autumn. wheat grows thin, nourishing the wind. soft-spoken daffodils wait for the tide, sheltered only by a song. now shall...
    bread crumbs

    We Are Such a Mix

    Each year at the start of Lent, I notice again my need for God’s grace to bring me back from all the ways I’ve...
    frozen lake - winter chill

    Days Hazed, When Such Winter Chill, and Light Too Bright to Behold

    Days Hazed days hazed, holding their knowing, known in hope only, open too slowly, while these days filled too full quit too quickly, knowing not yet caught. yet hazed days are wonders working, slowly...