Lenten Read-Along: Prayer in a Time of Anger

The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness Lenten Read-Along - text next to hands holding heart imageGod of welcome, God of embrace,
As ocean waves rise and fall,
as stormy clouds gather and clear,
as moving winds blow and subside,
So, too, does my anger move me.
Be my raft in stormy waters,
my stable rock, and my gentle breeze.
Receive and hold my feelings until they subside.
Grant me patience to withstand the waves,
peace to replace the turmoil, and
discernment to know how to respond in love and freedom.

—Excerpted from The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness

Enjoy this prayer as a video reflection below.

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  1. Very loaded prayers and Spirit filled that could strengthen one to live fulfilled. Thanks God continue to help you.

  2. Thank you. This prayer (Read A Long) came just at the right time for me; as I struggle to be a better person.
    The older I get the harder it seems to be;I have changed so much in every way, as my ability to care for even my self becomes too hard.

    • You’re welcome, Meg. Taking care of ourselves is so important. I hear you about how it can be hard. For me personally, allowing God and others to care for me when it all becomes “too much” to handle on our own helps. It’s good to receive as well as to give. Blessings.


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