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    bread crumbs

    We Are Such a Mix

    Each year at the start of Lent, I notice again my need for God’s grace to bring me back from all the ways I’ve...
    frozen lake - winter chill

    Days Hazed, When Such Winter Chill, and Light Too Bright to Behold

    Days Hazed days hazed, holding their knowing, known in hope only, open too slowly, while these days filled too full quit too quickly, knowing not yet caught. yet hazed days are wonders working, slowly...
    "The Return of the Holy Family from Egypt" by Nicolas Enriquez - via The Metropolitan Museum of Art - licensed under CC0 1.0

    The Return Home

    That Christmas, when we were in love, he gave me a watercolor he’d done some years before of the Holy Family’s return from Egypt....
    poetry - word written in journal

    Three Poems

    Jubilee You’ve multiplied the many fruits of every gift You’ve given me: music, service, intellect, with love-begetting-love multiplied most; and now like a plant in a pot You ask me to rest; and looking...
    Vaux Passional - "The Incredulity of Thomas, Who Places His Finger in the Wound" - public domain

    This Is Your Easter, Thomas

    The moniker “doubting Thomas” has always bothered me. Thomas did, after all, have great faith, enough faith to give up everything he knew—family, friends,...
    Best Ignatian Songs header

    As Kingfishers Catch Fire (Song)

    In honor of National Poetry Month, enjoy this musical rendition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” by the Euphonage. If you’re receiving this...
    young girl in winter wear

    How to Enter the New Year

    If you’re reading this, you lived to see the new year. This is no small matter! Your life makes a difference in the universe,...
    featured video content at dotMagis

    Journey of the Magi

    T. S. Eliot reads his poem “Journey of the Magi” in the audio track of today’s featured video. For those of you who have...
    school bus

    I Saw You Today

    On Sundays we ask our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community where they have found God during the week. Gary Thomas shares his response: As I rode...
    AMDG sign - Image by Eric E. Castro under (CC BY-SA 2.0) (cropped and lightened).

    Living “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”

    I remember the summer my father received his personalized “AMDG” license plates. He was so excited. A second-generation Jesuit grad, my dad is all...