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Three Poems

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You’ve multiplied the many fruits

of every gift You’ve given me:

music, service, intellect,

with love-begetting-love

multiplied most;

and now

like a plant

in a pot

You ask me to rest;

and looking up I see Your hand

and feel grace shower down



readying me for Your coaxing forth

                the new growth,

                the new buds,

                the new fruits,

                the new gifts-for-the-world.

At rest I receive

what I need for next,

what serves You best,

no longer tasks on a list,

but Kingdom-building-by-BEING alone.

So, “yes,” to this rest,

and all that comes next,

and the work of “Jubilee”:

                                          rest in You.

Rest in Me, Full of Comfort

Rest in Me,

full of comfort;

I know you often optimize everything,

make the most of every gift,

Magis-ize each moment;

just for now,

stop and savor for savoring’s sake;

feel the wind;

hear the current’s gurgle;

see the stars;

fill full of wonder, and hear My heartbeat;

I hold you;

and the world;

and the works;

and everyone I’ve ever made;

so, full-of-comfort,

rest in Me.

You Are a Reflection of the Invisible God


are a reflection

of the invisible God,

light from Light,

joy from Joy,

sent to enfold

each soul you meet

in God’s embrace

at this moment in time;

love from Love,

you live in Me

and light the world

with My love,

because of My love.
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Mary Ellen Smajo
Mary Ellen Smajo
Mary Ellen Smajo has been savoring and writing responses to sacred moments since early high school, when she first began to notice and reflect on God’s tangible actions in our lives. She is a (“very happy and grateful!”) member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps and serves as the music minister for IVC Chicago. Prior to joining IVC, she worked in clinical education; before that she worked as a medical physicist in the hospital setting. Her PhD is in medical physics, and she did her undergrad at Loyola University Chicago. “These poems are God’s; may they do the work for which they were sent. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”


  1. Mary Ellen, I really appreciate your poetry. I shared on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, also on G+.
    They are great meditations forme. I’m signed up for a Ignatius Retreat in October. This poetry confirms
    my need for spiritual silence to grow closer to God.
    Thank you so much, God bless you and your gift of writing poetry.

  2. For many reasons I needed to read Jubilee at this point in my life, and that I randomly found it is a sign to me of God’s presence in my life. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this.

  3. When I go to my prayers I pull a chair up alongside for Jesus. Sometimes I never get to the prayers. They are to bring me closer to Him and He’s right there with me and I rejoice in Him.

  4. “These poems are God’s; may they do the work for which they were sent. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”
    Thank you for the three beautiful poems.

  5. Dear Mary Ellen~
    Initially,I read your poems but knew I needed to come back to them and spend time in reflection. “You are a reflection of the Invisible God.” Is my favorite. It really spoke to me and moved my heart. Thank you for sharing this contribution.

  6. Often we neglect to rest and feel guilty. Your poems remind me how important it is to do so. The rest is also a gift from God.
    Thank you.

  7. God be praised for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, and for your attentiveness and willingness to share it, Mary Ellen. May we rejoice in these blessings!

  8. Mary Ellen, these are beautiful and nurturing poem. I especially love, “Rest in Me, Full of Comfort”. Thank you for sharing them!

  9. Mary Ellen,
    These are beautiful. I’m so glad you posted these so others are able to enjoy and find peace your poems.

  10. Mary Ellen,
    Your three poems so well describe the acceptance of the Peace of a Grace-filled moment which I seek. They respond so well to a reflection I penned some months ago. Thank you.
    “Grace for A Restless Heart”
    Seeking Grace
    Stillness flowing
    Prayer to YOU
    Not really knowing
    Touch my Heart
    And set me growing
    Mind and heart
    Together knowing
    Where YOU are
    This very morning
    Sun and moon
    On Earth bestowing
    Heat and light
    For all things growing
    Joy and Sorrow
    Keep me knowing
    That YOUR Grace
    Is ever flowing

  11. These poems speak very directly to me and confirm the message that God has been giving me for quite some time – “Rest in me!” Thank you for sharing your gift.


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