The Power of One

Simple Faith by Margaret Silf - book coverThis whole universe, with its trillions of galaxies, began as a tiny speck of concentrated energy; smaller than a grain of salt.

When you were first conceived, you were just a single cell, a mere pinpoint of life, barely visible to the naked eye but packed full of the potential for everything you would ever become—every action, choice, and relationship.

You are just a drop in the ocean, but without you the ocean will not become the ocean.

You are just a grain of sand, but you are a grain of sand that tips the scales.

You are just a drop of dew that soaks into the earth and is gone by noon, but that drop of dew brings life to the seed that grows in the earth.

You are only one, but the Power of One is greater than you dare to dream.

One is not nothing. One makes a difference.

Your choices can tip the scales of humanity a little bit more toward goodness and truth, if that is your desire.

—Excerpted from Simple Faith by Margaret Silf

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the Ignatian Oplrituality, especially Time Taken Out, Stories In Stone, and Advent and Christmas Retreat.Thank you so much, great reading.

  2. What a wonderful reflection!
    Is this not the articulation of a true vocation?
    The unique vocation of being one with the Three-in-One, who created me and calls me by name to join in divine union with the same Holy Trinity that calls all into existence and holds all in existence.


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