Scars and Make Me a Mirror

mirror and flowers


Some wounds take a long time to heal;

some wounds never heal;

sometimes there are scars,

perpetual evidence of a love well-lived.

You still have the wounds,

evidence of Your love to-the-last and always;

I’ve often wondered why the Father

didn’t raise You without them,

all-powerful as He is;

perhaps You wanted to keep them,

to help us remember

that Your scars and our scars are one.

Make Me a Mirror

Make me a mirror

conformed to You;

life and love,

reflecting Your Heart’s

fire for all,

bearing all that

Your Heart bore,

joy and sorrow both,

for us,

that all will come

to life and love in You.

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Mary Ellen Smajo has been savoring and writing responses to sacred moments since early high school, when she first began to notice and reflect on God’s tangible actions in our lives. She is a (“very happy and grateful!”) member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps and serves as the music minister for IVC Chicago. Prior to joining IVC, she worked in clinical education; before that she worked as a medical physicist in the hospital setting. Her PhD is in medical physics, and she did her undergrad at Loyola University Chicago. “These poems are God’s; may they do the work for which they were sent. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”


    • Hooray, and thanks be to God! It’s heartening to see that God is still using these poems to do the work for which they were sent. Thank you for sharing your experience, Sandra!

  1. Mary Ellen……how moving!
    …You wanted to keep them
    to help us remember
    that Your scars and our scars are one.”
    Quite an image: if we can recognise that we share in the crucifixion as we navigate thru our pain, somehow it makes the bearing worthwhile.


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