Healing and Comfort

Jesus and Simon's Mother-in-Law by Meister des Hitda-Evangeliars
Sometimes God heals and comforts us, like Jesus did for Jairus’s daughter, the woman with the hemorrhage, and Peter’s mother-in-law. Sometimes God heals and comforts through us, and we find that in working to heal and comfort one another we’ve also brought great comfort to God.

You Heal Us in Secret

You heal us in secret and silently,

when we but touch Your clothes;

You say our faith is the cause;

how is it You rely on

our faith for Your works?

You feed us in so many ways,

not the least of these being

when we reach

to touch the least of these,

to touch in love in Your name;

You ask us each to get up,

give us something to eat,

and send us to serve;

perhaps today

a hand will touch our clothes.

You Bring Me Great Comfort

You bring Me great comfort;

you, little you;

you who remain with Me,

who seek to heal My wounds

through gentle touch,

your hand on My shoulder,

your hand in My hand;

you who wait with Me

for the fulfillment of all My plans,

you who trust that all will be right in the end

when a good end often seems far from sure;

you who search My words in every step,

seeking to know and follow My intent;

you who bear My crosses over and over,

and hear the “He is risen!” again and again,

and repeat it louder and louder to everyone we meet

by who you are,

and hence enkindle hope,

a fire that can never be contained;

you, heart-of-My-heart,

you bring Me great comfort.

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Mary Ellen Smajo has been savoring and writing responses to sacred moments since early high school, when she first began to notice and reflect on God’s tangible actions in our lives. She is a (“very happy and grateful!”) member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps and serves as the music minister for IVC Chicago. Prior to joining IVC, she worked in clinical education; before that she worked as a medical physicist in the hospital setting. Her PhD is in medical physics, and she did her undergrad at Loyola University Chicago. “These poems are God’s; may they do the work for which they were sent. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”


  1. It is most important to be reminded regularly that our loving God is with us when our suffering seems unbearable. Thank you for your comforting words.

  2. Aren’t we blessed to know about ‘redemptive suffering’ – it eases the most viscious of wounds – It is truly miraculous. Thank you Mary Ellen for expressing your thoughts so beautifully.

  3. Elizabeth, thank you for your comment!
    Every time I learn that the Holy Spirit has again used one of these poems to accomplish something I never even imagined, it confirms my desire to continue sharing them and doing my part to send them into the world.
    You are in my prayers.
    Mary Ellen

  4. After crying due to pain thank you i read it and made me stop crying abd made me uncomfortable thank you

  5. These poems are truly inspired and inspirational. My heart is deeply touched. Thank you so very much for sharing them.


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