Trust in the Poor Jesus

shoes of St. Ignatius Loyola
Jesus’ poverty is central for Ignatius’s Christology; it is at the heart of his being “Eternal King” and “Lord of all the world.” In the meditation on the “two Standards,” riches are the allurement of “the enemy.” One stands with Jesus by one’s willingness to share his poverty. Recall here from his memoirs how determined Inigo was to live by begging while on his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, going so far as to leave behind his few remaining coins before boarding ship. On a later leg of his journey as well, he trusted God would provide and “brought no more for his maintenance than his hope in God. . . .”

He was talking about trust, which was indispensable both for the literal kind of pilgrimage he made to Jerusalem and the spiritual one he invited people to make in the Spiritual Exercises. Call it faith or hope, it took trust to risk either pilgrimage.

—Excerpted from Ignatian Humanism by Ronald Modras


  1. Jesus said work so u have something to share. Paul said if u don’t work u don’t eat. Jesus multiplied a few loaves and fish and fed over 5,000 people. He was born in a barn/cave not because Joseph had no money but because there was no room in the inns. Poor or rich we are all called to trust Jesus. Shed blood not gold bought our redemption. Let’s help people by inspiring them with Jesus help or healing power they don’t have to remain poor!
    Are we helping people be irresponsible by not calling them to a more productive life. Everyone is born with gifts. Jesus didn’t praise the man who hid his gifts and not use them.

  2. Thought provoking for sure.
    As the pilgrims had to learn from the native Americans in the new, wild land. If a major catastrophe happened, we….would have to learn from the poor on how to survive in a wretched land.
    Feed the be poor, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless….

  3. I noted the exact quote as did Michael T. Thank you for that. Was a complete confirmation of what the Lord was reminding me of today. To “Trust in poor Jesus”. Perfect. A lesson He’s taught me again and again…and now, again. Thank you for sharing and blessing us all.

  4. Awesome Word as we reflect on the Calling of our Savior and our calling and vocation in the faith. Love the thought.
    ” “brought no more for his maintenance than his hope in God. . . .”


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