We Must Learn How to Love Every Day

young woman hugging her father

Knowing how to love is never something acquired once and for all. We must begin anew every day. We must practice it so that our love for the brothers and sisters we encounter may become mature and free from limitations or sins that render it incomplete, egotistical, sterile, or unfaithful. Listen to this: we must patiently follow the school of Christ every day. We must forgive and look to Jesus with the help of our “advocate,” the Holy Spirit. We must learn the art of loving every day.

—Excerpted from On Love by Pope Francis


  1. Thank you for posting this. Due to being quarantined I am now a full time caregiver to my 85 year old aunt. I am growing weary and this is a good reminder for me.

  2. The outward expression of love can be conveyed through giving, words of affirmation, or walking along side one another in trials but just as important to walk along side rejoicing in Gods love for when overcoming trials. The inward expression of love is divine and can be felt alone with God as one ponders His love for us when we are spending time with Him alone and feeling the Holy Spirit, and expressing His love in us with a outward smile.

    • Thank you for your reflection as this is so relevant to what we are hoping to communicate to the students of our school especially during the Lenten season.


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