Discovering the Examen

A suggestion for Lent: learn to pray the examen.  Yesterday we read about a Jesuit nurse who finds God’s presence in an emergency room with the help of the examen.  Here are  good pieces about the examen from an Episcopal priest in Massachusetts, a spiritual director in Vancouver, and a Catholic columnist in Minnesota.

You might like the guided Lunchtime Examen.  And you can get a copy of my book, A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer.


  1. I am so grateful for The Lunchtime Examen. It’s has been a wonderful resource for understanding and incorporating the Examen into my daily life, and especially for ending the day in a peaceful and prayerful way. I wish it were available as a download to take with me anywhere on my MP3 player. I can’t always get a computer signal and don’t own an iPhone.


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