Notable Comments

I thought I would highlight several of the comments that readers have made on this blog lately.

Nino said this about my post about St. Mark Ji Tianxiang, a Chinese layman and drug addict who was martyred in 1900:

This also reminds me of St. Andrew Wouters, one of the martyrs of Gorkum (who’s feast is also celebrated on July 9 together with the Martyrs of China). St. Andrew was a diocesan priest who led a scandalous life. He was a womanizer and fathered several children. When he was offered freedom in exchange of his faith, he made the famous reply, “Fornicator I always was; heretic I never was.”

Lynda shared her own experience as a convert in a comment to a post called “An Evangelical Lay-Centered Church:”

The RCIA Team emphasized that conversion of heart comes before the teaching of Catholic doctrine. I am now on the RCIA Team and the RCIA materials all stress conversion first. Sometimes I have to defend that position when some of the sponsors question why we don’t start out with “Catholic dogma and doctrine” but people need to know Jesus first or nothing makes sense. I continue to hear the message of conversion of heart from the pulpit and thank God

And finally, Fr. Peter Fennessy, SJ, tells a Jesuit joke.



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