One Man’s Experience with Ignatian Contemplation

man prayingWhat has been your experience with Ignatian contemplation? Positive? Needs practice? Never tried?

John (Juancito) Donaghy describes his experience with imaginative prayer:

I read the scripture and, without planning, I felt myself as John within the womb of Elizabeth. I sensed something – the presence of Jesus – and jumped for joy.

Ever since that time I find myself reading the scriptures in a different way, a way also influenced by my experience with the poor.

For more on this form of prayer, read “Pray with Your Imagination” by David Fleming, SJ.


  1. Taking the Red Line to celebrate my sister’s birthday on Ascension Sunday.
    Spending time with the most challenged of Chicago’s people linked me to
    our Pope and all who can see with Jesus’ eyes.
    He challenges me–what’s next?


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