Particular Examen on the Theological Virtues

faith hope and love symbolsJohn A. Hardon, SJ, suggested that one way to counteract temptation from the evil one is by doing a Particular Examen on the Theological Virtues. In introduction, he wrote:

Before applying the particular examen to my own spiritual life, it is well to first ask myself, “What are the virtues that I know from experience I most need to develop?”

The reason why this question should first be answered is that no two of us are equally prone to commit the same kind of sins. Nor are we personally always tempted in the same direction. There is wisdom in first knowing enough about myself, to be able to get to the root of my own moral weakness. Otherwise, I may be ignoring what really needs attention in my spiritual life and concentrating on what is not so necessary for me at this time in my service of God.


  1. The particular examen article was perfect for me to read at this time in my life.I appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to grow deeper in my relationships with God, others, and myself in faith, hope, and love. With Gratitude, Cindy.


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