Social Media Examen

smartphone with social media apps
Have you ever found yourself using social media, wondering:

Why do I hesitate to read comments on a news article? Why am I stuck wondering what sparked someone’s Facebook discussion? Why do I linger on infuriating Tweets? Why do I walk away from social media at times, feeling exhausted, angry, or less myself? Is this even good for me?

Jesuit Post contributors Ken Homan, SJ, and Colten Biro, SJ, have asked those questions and suggest a social media Examen in response. They write:

The Examen is a helpful tool for evaluating my engagement with social media. Praying more closely with the way I read, the way I respond, and the way I engage the discussion will offer some guidance. Perhaps, I can work towards growing closer to others, to being more myself, and to moving more towards God.

See the “Navigating Social Media, with God” Examen in their article: #Examen: Clicking, Liking, and Posting for the Greater Glory.


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