Reviewing the Feelings of Our Day

Reviewing the events of our day, either to thank God or to know our sins, is familiar enough. Reviewing the feelings that those events generate is a new approach for many people. A good way to begin is, “Lord, where have I heard your voice, and how have I responded?” Sometimes a strong emotion immediately surfaces. I was deeply saddened to get a letter from the son of an old friend telling me of her […]

The Awareness Prayer

This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. What does it mean to “find God in all things”? We’re all familiar with spiritual literature that speaks of finding God in nature, in art, in the birth of a child, and in many other concrete examples of creation—most of which we take for granted. The graces we pray for each day this week of our Ignatian Prayer Adventure emphasize a much deeper […]

The Steps of the Examen

Today let’s explore the Examen through the lens of brief reflections pertaining to each step. The steps in this version of the Examen match what is presented in A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney. Ask God for light. If we attune ourselves to look and listen, we may find God present within us, all around us, and speaking to us constantly. But if we don’t bother to look, it will seem that there is […]

Becky Eldredge Explains the Examen

Becky Eldredge, dotMagis blogger and author of Busy Lives & Restless Souls, walks us through the steps of the Examen in this four-minute video. As Eldredge explains it, the steps are: Ask for the Holy Spirit’s help. Be thankful. Notice God’s presence. Notice the lack of God’s presence. Look to the future. For a peek into why Eldredge loves praying the Examen, watch her conversation with Paul Brian Campbell, SJ, here.

The Examen Always Ends with Hope

While it’s easy to think about the Examen as being oriented to the past, this prayer helps us to pay attention to where God is in the past, present, and future. The prayer begins with God in the present: God is with me, here and now as I pray. God is in the past, throughout the day that I have been reviewing. And I can trust that God will also be in my future and […]

The Examen and Pentecost Greetings

On the occasion of Pentecost, the two young women in the below video have fun suggesting the Examen as a way to find God in your day. By taking the time to notice where God is, “You will begin to live the romance, the battle, and the mission that God has set out for you.”

Three Elements of Expressing Gratitude

With Thanksgiving approaching, it might be good to take the time to look at gratitude from St. Ignatius’s perspective. Gratitude is often diluted—a word we hear in passing that has lost its depth. Every Thanksgiving before dinner my family goes around the table and each person names something they’ve been thankful for in the past year. It’s a nice way to start a meal. It even becomes a prayer of sorts, but would Ignatius expect […]

Sincere Gratitude

We recently celebrated my husband Rudy’s birthday. It was a simple and completely unassuming celebration. It was not at all what I had envisioned for him (I have a tendency to want more fanfare.), but it was perfect for Rudy. As I watched him laugh and smile and comment on each card he opened, as I witnessed his unabashed delight in opening his gift, as I observed the way his eyes absolutely twinkled in the […]