The Steps of the Examen

Today let’s explore the Examen through the lens of brief reflections pertaining to each step. The steps in this version of the Examen match what is presented in A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney. Ask God for light. If we attune ourselves to look and listen, we may find God present within us, all around us, and speaking to us constantly. But if we don’t bother to look, it will seem that there is […]

The Virtue of Hospitality: An Attitude of Heart

Hospitality is much more than a simple welcome or an offer of food or drink. Hospitality is an attitude of heart that opens us to others and receives them on their own terms. Henri Nouwen speaks of hospitality as a move from hostility to friendship: “Hospitality, therefore, means primarily the creation of a free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but […]

Loved Sinners

We have not always made choices that lead us to praise, honor, and serve God. We have not always acted as if we believe that we are loved. We have not always treated everything in our lives as a gift. We come to the humbling awareness that we are sinners, that we have often been ungrateful and unfaithful. We have failed to respond to God’s offer of love by failing to love God and love […]

Discovering Your Dream

Jerry Fagin, SJ, was a beloved teacher and spiritual director at Loyola University New Orleans for 33 years. He was known for his skill in presenting the main themes of Ignatian spirituality in clear, succinct language. When Jerry died in June of last year, he was in the middle of writing a book explaining these ideas, which he had studied and taught for many years. Loyola Press is proud to publish the book this month: […]

Jerry Fagin, RIP

Fr. Jerry Fagin, SJ, died last week in New Orleans.  I got to know him as I worked as editor of his book Putting on the Heart of Christ, a book about the Spiritual Exercises which is full of original ideas and striking insight.  When he died he was working on another project for Loyola Press–a small book about personal discernment. To sample Jerry’s writing, read his piece “The Resurrection Brings Joy.”  The topic seems […]

A Thought on Reverence

I recently heard that Fr. Jerry Fagin, SJ, is ailing.  He’s a Loyola Press author and a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans.  Here’s something beautiful he wrote about reverence, taken from this piece elsewhere on I remember standing on the top of a mesa ten thousand feet high overlooking what seemed to be hundreds of miles of fertile land. I had an experience of amazement, of silence, of vastness, of expansiveness, of […]

Virtue and the Spiritual Exercises

There’s long been a discussion among spiritual directors about the purpose of the Spiritual Exercises. Is the goal to help people make important decisions, or help them grow in the spiritual life more broadly. Both of, course. It’s a false choice. But there’s a third way to view the Exercises–as a spiritual program that helps us grow into different a kind of person. This is the view taken by Gerald Fagin, SJ, in his new […]