Jerry Fagin, RIP

Fr. Jerry Fagin, SJ, died last week (2012) in New Orleans. I got to know him as I worked as editor of his book Putting on the Heart of Christ, a book about the Spiritual Exercises which is full of original ideas and striking insight. When he died he was working on another project for Loyola Press–a small book about personal discernment.

To sample Jerry’s writing, read his piece “The Resurrection Brings Joy.” The topic seems to fit the occasion exactly.


  1. What a spiritual person! He was my Spiritual Director for a retreat in Grand Coteaux. It was the best retreat that I had ever made. Father Jerry was so down to Earth. His simplicity and insights were remarkable. I could feel the presence of Christ when I met with him. That is a blessing that I will cherish always!

  2. I will forever be impacted by Fr. Fagin and his course Grace, Christ and Spirit at Loyola in New Orleans. His course was a life-changer and eye-opener for me!
    Thank you, Fr. Fagin, for being a wisdom figure for me!


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