Advent Light

Bored one day in the school library many years ago, I picked up a biography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Through the pages, St. Thérèse introduced me to Jesus and this amazing life I could have if I entered into relationship with him. They say that teens feel emotions more intensely and more vividly than at any other age, and that made my “welcome” to the faith journey all the more impassioned, exciting, and all-consuming […]

Darkness and Light

This summer my brother spent some time in Montana and planned on returning to Massachusetts by train. Being a train lover, I met him in Montana, and we rode the Empire Builder three nights back home. As we passed through rural Minnesota, I saw painted on the side of a light bulb store the phrase, “Without darkness, there is no light.” It struck me as ostensibly religious-sounding. I’m not sure if the owners of the […]

Eastern Standard Time

After all these years, I should stop being so surprised by the moaning and groaning that accompanies shifting from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. Me? I get happier as days get darker earlier and  not because I have the summer version of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). While the language of Christian scripture and liturgy is bursting with light, I’m more motivated to seek  God in darkness. Yes, metaphorically, as per the (apparently) necessary-for-growth Dark […]