Eastern Standard Time

After all these years, I should stop being so surprised by the moaning and groaning that accompanies shifting from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time.

Me? I get happier as days get darker earlier and  not because I have the summer version of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

While the language of Christian scripture and liturgy is bursting with light, I’m more motivated to seek  God in darkness. Yes, metaphorically, as per the (apparently) necessary-for-growth Dark Night of the Soul, but also for real.

Doesn’t matter to me whether dusk turns to deep with a chorus of crickets or snowy silence, I’m better able to see and hear God after sunset.  So, once again this year, I turned back the clock eager to begin Cozy Contemplative Time. Thanks be to God.


  1. Me also. I love the peace and solitude and quiet and
    darkness and the moon and the stars and the knowledge
    that everyone else is sleeping and I am alone with God.
    Maybe we should be living in Alaska or, maybe not. Everyone
    else would probably be up and about also.


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