How Shall We Live?

As I entered my dorm on my first day at college, I read the writing on the wall: “How, then, shall we live?” I interpreted it as a simple question relating to dorm life, something akin to, “How are you going to live together, being conscious of your roommate?” By the time I finished my four years of Jesuit education, I realized that this question was much more complex than I had understood it to […]

Being People for Others

St. Ignatius Loyola understood that, even when we strive to do glorious deeds, often the motivation is selfish. Or at least it’s self-focused. In his early years, he trained to be a soldier and a knight. He wanted to sacrifice himself for country and for some beautiful lady he could defend and honor. But years later, as he meditated, prayed, and discovered God, who created and loved him, Ignatius dismantled old ways of thinking. Rather […]

An Example of a Person for Others

My family and I recently drove back home to mourn the loss of a dear friend and to support his family through the loss. We went there hoping to be of some support to our friends, and in the end, I ended up receiving far more than I ever could have given. My friend, who had just lost her beloved husband of 42 years, gifted me with a lesson of what it really means to […]

The People for Others That Inspire Me

In 1973, Pedro Arrupe, SJ, changed my life. (I was four years old at the time, toddling around a backyard on the other side of the ocean.) In what was termed a “radical” address for its day, Arrupe spoke in Valencia, Spain, to a congress of Jesuit alumni and coined the term “men [and women] for others.” He called for the formation of men and women for others to be the “prime educational objective” of […]

The Measure of Our Schools

Chris Lowney wonders about “The Real Measure of Our Schools” in an article for the Jesuit Networking blog. He asks: “Who are our students becoming? How successful are our schools at forming these men and women for others?” Those are important questions to ponder as the new school year gets underway. For more on education the Jesuit way, read: Spiritual Leadership Why Jesuits Are in Secondary Education Why Jesuits Are in Higher Education

Men and Women for Others

It’s often said that people following an Ignatian path are working to become “men and women for others.” But what does that mean? The newest episode of the Ignatian Way series explains. Other presentations in the complete series address themes of Ignatian prayer, decision making, and finding God in all things. Continue your exploration of Ignatian spirituality with today’s 31 Days with St. Ignatius contribution, A Gratitude Deficit.