Ignatian-Inspired Resources for Catechesis

Many parishes start a new year of faith formation this month. For dotMagis readers involved in parish ministry, we highlight these Ignatian-inspired resources for catechesis. The Daily Examen for Missionary Disciples This video, prepared for all those who participate in the V Encuentro process, is available in English and in Spanish. Ignatian Spirituality: An Introduction—Free Poster and Booklet Perfect for older students, adult faith formation opportunities, or your own continued learning, Ignatian Spirituality: An Introduction […]

Retreats for Seniors in Their Living Rooms

Sr. Christine Schenk shares the story of the Living Room Retreats project, which brings the gifts of Ignatian spirituality to seniors. The program was started by Joanne Sheldon, a spiritual director and former nurse educator. Participants report loving praying with Scripture. Joanne’s elders were dealing with an array of spiritual concerns, including strained family relationships, accepting the aging process, how to deal with change, and worries about where they would live the rest of their […]

The Joy of the Gospel

Working a booth at a Catholic conference is always an interesting experience. The extraverted side of me enjoys getting to know people from around the country who are in various forms of ministry. I meet people who are proclaiming the Gospel daily in creative, life-changing ways. Many people I meet at these conferences exude joy and goodness in such a way that through their very being and living they draw people to the source of […]

Tears with an Old Friend

My husband, Jim, and I had traveled to another town and called an old friend – Fr. Dennis, a priest we had known for a long time.  He had been forced into retirement by a debilitating disease. He invited us to his home for Mass. He had a brand new altar in his living room, a beloved gift that is at the center of his home, and his heart.  It’s too late. He used to […]

A Lector’s Margin Notes

I probably can’t describe how I know if and when I’m hearing from the Almighty without sounding odd.  Let’s just say I’ve (pretty much) learned how to distinguish God’s prompts from whatever is bubbling up from the simmering cauldron of my own ego. In any given situation, God is infinitely more creative and nuanced than I. To the extent that I can get and stay conscious enough to choose, I choose to listen for the […]