The Examen at Tax Time

I’ve long maintained that anyone can pray the daily examen at any time–even at awkward, stressful times, like sitting in traffic jam or standing in a long checkout line at the grocery store.  Now comes Richard Kaufmann to prove my point.  He did the examen while doing his taxes:

Using the examen prayer as a template for thinking about taxes gave me a different perspective on that dreaded task and deadline. I had to think about where God was in my life last year–or, better still, where I was in relation to God. As with the examen prayer, I thought too about the rest of this year. I wondered what experiences will enter my reflections next year.

Read the whole thing.

Image by 401k under Creative Commons license.


  1. Thanks so much for the Examen reflection, it was very useful .The articles and testimonies are very useful.I hope to grow in grace and encounter God.


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