The Key to Finding God in All Things

Anthony de Mello, SJ, on finding God in all things:

There is a key word: solely, only or entirely. That is the key word—doing it only for God. This is the nishkam karma. On the day we are given the grace of doing action for the sake of action and nothing else, then our hearts will be aglow. The idea is doing action without desire for any fruit, and without any selfish intention at all. The action is done only for God’s glory. . . .

Finding God in all things presupposes a total death to the self. The death of the empirical self is the crowning glory of the Spiritual Exercises: that a person’s self-love, self-will, and self-interest have merged into the will and the interest and the love of Christ. As long as we can live this for a few moments, for a few hours, for a few days, we have become contemplatives in action. So it is really a mystical grace. We cannot produce it, but we can dispose ourselves for it by loving God.

Seek God Everywhere


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