Week 6 of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure

An Ignatian Prayer AdventureFor this Week 6 of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, we consider the public ministry of Jesus, focusing on his interactions with people. And because we’re all so busy, we start by joining Jesus on a busy day.

Please note that all of the retreat materials will remain online after Lent and Easter, so if you want to slow down the pace of your reflections, feel free to do so. And if you haven’t started the retreat yet, you may begin An Ignatian Prayer Adventure at any time.

Throughout the week, come back here and share your experiences of praying imaginatively.


  1. When I live the Beatitudes–when I bear witness to Christ by offering consolation or finding forgiveness– on only my small scale, the potential for the world to awaken to social justice, kindness and peace is realized. I need to have the humility to understand that magnificent things can be birthed in small ways.


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