What Is Discernment?

Ignatian Way 6 screenshotIf you’ve ever wondered about the concept of discernment, or just want some new ideas for how to talk about it with others, be sure to view our newly released presentation, What Is Discernment? It’s the sixth in our Ignatian Way series.

Other presentations in the series address Ignatian prayer, the Spiritual Exercises, and other key ideas and themes in Ignatian spirituality. They are based on materials written by Brian Grogan, SJ, of the Irish Jesuits. You’ll find a complete list here.

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Jim Manney is a popular writer on Ignatian topics (God Finds Us, A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer) as well as the editor of many books on Ignatian spirituality, including What Is Ignatian Spirituality? He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  1. Great presentation (could do without the musical racket in the background — breaks the concentration and gets in the way of clear speech). I find much sto learn in all your works, Jim – checked out your video with Vinita yesterday as well. My library has God is Calling on the way for me (your books are in our system up here).

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