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Tim Muldoon, Ph.D., is the author of a number of books, including The Ignatian Workout, Longing to Love, and Living Against the Grain, as well as many essays. He is the Director of Mission Education at Catholic Extension Society.

3 Comments on After the Ignatian Workout for Lent Retreat

  1. This is a great reminder that love is at the root of the Gospel – the love of God for each of us and our call to live in that same love for others. Tim, thank you for these meaningful reflections.

  2. Dear Tim,
    Thank you for this wonderful conclusion to the Lenten retreat. The love of God spurs us on and in the process we are transformed.
    As we experience God’s love ,we reach out to others and the Easter song continues…..
    With gratitude, Suzanne

  3. Tim, thank you . Through you, I was able to experience a spiritual journey with Jesus on the CROSS throughout this year’s Lenten Season. What a memory to hold on. God so loved the world that He gave His Son only to be CRUCIFIED … I felt helpless and ashamed of my sins but despite all these, there’s hope of HEAVEN ready for all those who REPENT for their transgressions and BELIEVE in God. Thank you and I love you, JESUS.

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