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  1. “For all that you’ve given me, L-rd, I say ‘Thanks.’ For all that you’ve taken away, L-rd, I say ‘Thanks.’ And for all that I have left–and I have so much left–for these things I say ‘Thanks.’ ” I heard this prayer decades ago at a 12-step meeting from some nameless drunk who had gotten out of a rehab a few days earlier. It went through me like the proverbial lazer beam. I have never discovered the name of the author. A 12-step friend tells me it’s Thomas Merton but I have no corroboration. Pax vobiscum.

  2. How much I needed to receive this video link.! I recently got caught up in a computer scam, and although I have taken all the necessary steps to block it , I am having difficulty moving forward. Then I heard Vinita say: ” Twenty years from now … What worries will seem, in retrospect, not worth worrying about?”
    Thank you, Vinita, for those words. They were what I needed to hear, and I will try to own them when the worries of this past week surface .

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