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  1. Just as all inanimate things have a tendency to fall down due to gravity, human tendency is to seek evil, if not detracted by God’s grace. Nothing good can come out of this bodily Nazareth This realization makes me to be humble

  2. Practicing Humility is difficult in this day and age, however, I recently read a definition of humility, (author unknown) that helps me understand and how to apply humility on a daily basis The quote is; “Humility is Strength Under Control” and when I remember to combine that quote with “EGO, Exalt God Only”- Phil Hodges It helps.

  3. Try,try,try,again
    to listen, listen listen
    My brain says “please, shh.”

    Try,try,try again
    Be humble my brain, my heart
    I judge, I fail.

    Sit,sit,sit again
    His large, strong, nail marked feet
    Cling to them and pray

    Humble me,Oh Lord
    But just enough, not too much
    For I am afraid

    To let go of me
    And to become only you
    But why, but why, why?

  4. Humility, so hard to achieve in this day and age. Where we are taught to
    excel and be better than the next person. God, give me this grace.

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