God's Intimate Presence

man prayingPrayer is a matter of relationship. Intimacy is the basic issue, not answers to problems or resolutions “to be better.” Many of life’s problems and challenges have no answers; we can only live with and through them. Problems and challenges, however, can be faced and lived through with more peace and resilience if people know that they are not alone. A man’s wife will not return from the dead, but the pain is more bearable when he has poured out his sorrow, his anger, and his despair to God and has experienced God’s intimate presence.

—Excerpted from Letting God Come Close by William A. Barry, SJ


  1. When we cry out to One who so loves us and when we can give our sorrows to His perfect care – peace comes. The sorrow may not be relieved but we are strengthened for the journey.


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