A Few Moments to Imagine

silhouetted figureI offer a short meditation to take you into the weekend.

  1. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes.
  2. In your imagination, place yourself in a location that is comfortable and beautiful and where you feel safe.
  3. Notice that a person is walking toward you. As he draws closer, you realize it is Jesus. (Or, if you prefer, it’s Mary, the mother of Jesus.)
  4. Jesus smiles at you and then embraces you and sits down across from you to talk. You understand from the expression on Jesus’ face that he is here to tell you something wonderful.
  5. Jesus makes the following statements to you. Fill in the blanks for yourself.
    • “What I enjoy so much about the way you go through a day is . . .”
    • “I came to remind you that your gifts of [blank] and [blank] express the Father’s love. Thank you for offering these gifts to the world!”
    • “There’s a beautiful quality about you that you fail to see much of the time, and it is this: . . .”
    • “Don’t be afraid to . . .”


  1. Enjoyed inviting Jesus into my home. The place I most enjoy having him visit.It happens each morning when I do the examen at the start of the day. I simply started with the first question, “What I enjoy so much as you go through the day is the time you spend with me.” Doing the examen at the start of the day. Asking you to help me remember, “What am I most grateful for yestarday?” And I tick each event. Like the Feast of Bo Sanchez who preached about the fruit of the Spirit. Thank you for visiting me at my house. Which by the way is your gift to me including the recent renovation. Helped by my brother Charly who sent his worker to renovate and paint the house.

  2. This meditation goes straight to the heart. I don’t do imaginative prayer, but this really worked. I am grateful.

  3. Oh Vinita, those blanks you left for us to fill in ! That will take a lot of thinking about for me, especially at this stage of my life. God bless . A.M.D.G.
    Yes Mary, it brought tears to my eyes also. (From one who used not to cry for myself ; just got on with it!). Must be old age; in my case! I feel so useless! now.

    • Meg, Thank you for your honesty and the words that you share here. They became my prayer. I also struggle now many days that I feel useful, but in reading your words…and feeling them as my own prayer, you gave me a breath of freedom and energy. Feeling connected through these words, gives me strength. Thank you for sharing your prayer and strength with me.

  4. What a helpful reflection. I feel ready to face the day seeing myself as Jesus sees me. Bound to be a better day! Thanks, Vinita!


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