A New Life Beyond Our Imagining

lights in Florence

“If we think we can sit here peacefully, while God like the cosmic butler comes in and tidies up the world to our satisfaction, we reveal our profound ignorance about who he is and what he wants for us. God isn’t a butler tidying up the drawing room and preparing for a dinner party tonight. He is more like a baby whose time has come, and whose impending arrival sends waves of shock and panic, disrupts all schedules, cancels all appointments, and jolts life out of the old familiar path into something radically new.  The new life he brings is beyond our imagining, but the pain of this childbirth will be extreme. The destiny God has in mind for humanity is infinitely great, far beyond our boldest ideas of who we are and what we can do, but in order to get there we and the political and social worlds around us are going to have to be broken and remade — and this process is very much the basis of the changes so rapidly unfolding around us today.”

Walter Russell Mead

Image by mookiefl under a Creative Commons license.


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