A Way to Pray the Examen

I love the daily Examen.  It’s a simple, life-changing prayer, and I’m always interested in  the ways people adapt it to suit their own styles.  Here’s one from the blogger Catholic Sensibility:

  1. Exit the day and get ready.
  2. The simplest prayer I can muster along the lines of “God, let me see.” The fewer words the better.
  3. I imagine a timeline and scan the events of the last several hours, from where I left off last time.
  4. My attention is drawn to one or two times, and I spend more time there pondering if my behavior was “of Christ/not of Christ.”
  5. Silent reflection.
  6. Gratitude.

As one of the comments to this blog post says, “One of the Jesuit rules is that the rules should get you to God – so change them if necessary.”


  1. This was such a big help to me! I had felt a very strong pull toward the Examen practice, yet I was overwhelmed by all the adaptations and the Puhl focus on sin. This concise explanation and direction is exactly what I need to help me begin this practice with confidence. Thank you. Kay


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