Accompaniment and Compassion

An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

This post is based on Week Seven of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure.

In the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises, we meditate on the Passion of Jesus and pray for the grace to accompany Jesus in his suffering. Fr. Kevin O’Brien, SJ, explains:

[Jesus] was faithful to the mission of the Kingdom of God, that reign of justice, peace, and love, and he stayed to the end—to the Cross—because love does not run. And we don’t run. We accompany him. We stick by him, and we learn from him. We learn what compassion is really about, not just sympathy, but real compassion.

O’Brien is the author of The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life and Seeing with the Heart: A Guide to Navigating Life’s Adventures.


  1. Thanks Fr. Kevin O’Brien, I’m currently doing the exercises with your book. Truly a life changing experience !
    This video is a great complement to week 7; deep compassion and accompaniment.

  2. This has touched me deeply and given me strength. I just accompanied my younger brother through his sudden illness to death. And during it, I focused on Jesus and how He suffered and I could see Jesus in the body of my brother. Profoundly touching me.


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