Annual Examen

Debra Mooney of Xavier University suggests that we make an Examen to review the year.

As I review the past 12 months, from a year ago through to the present moment –

What am I especially grateful for this year?

An event that took place?

Courage that I mustered?

Love and support I received?

I ask for the light to know God and to know myself as God sees me.

Where have I felt true joy this year?

What troubled me this year?

What has challenged me?

Where and when did I find an opportunity for renewal and pause?

Have I noticed God’s presence in any of this?

In light of my review, what is my response to the God of my life?

As I look ahead, to the coming months what comes to mind?

With what spirit do I want to enter the next few months?, the next year?

I ask for God’s presence and grace, for this spirit, as I enter the next year.



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