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    middle-school boy drawing - photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

    Middle School

    I have two middle-school age sons, and the word of the hour is awkward! They are tired all the time from their ever-morphing bodies....
    violin - image by Plateresca/iStockphoto/Getty Images

    Instruments in a Symphony of Grace

    “Make me an instrument of your peace,” we regularly pray at our parish. I wonder what instrument I would be in God’s orchestra—an oboe,...
    corpse flower - image by Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Rare Treasures

    The corpse flower only blooms once every three to ten years. It’s very rare. Well, actually, the plant itself is not rare, just the...
    wooden heart on string - photo by Bicanski on Pixnio

    Cannonball of Love

    I’m sitting in the auditorium at the college during orientation day for my first-year student daughter. The speaker is talking about Jesuit education and...

    Learning to Surrender to God

    The familiar features of St. Ignatius’s experience with injury by a cannonball have to do with his learning to discern and to change his...
    hospital bed - photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

    Six Lessons from a Cannonball Diagnosis

    It was 1:17 a.m. when I finally gave up trying to sleep. How is it possible I can’t get comfortable in a hospital bed...
    Ignatius Loyola conversion room

    Cannonball at Loyola Chapel of the Conversion

    My cannonball moment happened about 60 miles northwest of where St. Ignatius had his cannonball moment. It happened in the very room where Ignatius...
    mother holding baby's hand - photo by Lisa from Pexels

    The Moment I Became a Mom

    Editor’s note: Throughout July, we’re celebrating 31 Days with St. Ignatius, a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality. In addition to the calendar of Ignatian articles found here,...
    "Mary, Untier of Knots" in Expiatory Chapel (Parsolingan, Gerona, Tarlac), public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    My Bravest Prayer

    In August of 2010, I put my then 21-year-old son into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for the first time. Our family immediately...
    woman sitting on bed in darkness - photo by Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash

    Cannonball Moment: A Friend’s Death

    Five hundred years ago, St. Ignatius was hit by a cannonball in battle. He sustained a horrendous fracture to his right leg and damage...