2021: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Jane Knuth - book cover and author photo

Remembering what my own eyes have seen is a practice in gratefulness. My own eyes have seen good people beyond counting and blessings without number. My eyes have seen the birth of my children and the passing of my parents. I have seen terrible accidents but many, many more near misses. My eyes have seen angry people, but laughter and smiles have outpaced them. My eyes have seen want, and they have seen the providence of God. I have seen saints. These are the things I teach my children.

—Excerpted from 2021: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Jane Knuth


  1. Well stated Ms Knuth. Our eyes have seen many things, both good and bad. It is these experiences that lead us to gratefulness through the Ignatian premise of consolation and desolation.

  2. Reading this on a quiet morning after seeing adult children and grandchildren…some infant some adult during this time of respect for others and and being safe ourselves was refreshing and encouraging. Son and daughter-in-law sent a photo of me tending to their premie twins 6 years ago under 24 hour attention was very moving. The commotion they generate today is to be celebrated in thanksgiving for the tension and prayers and tears then.
    God is good and with us always even when I don’t listen …. God listens and watches over us


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