Final Week of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure

An Ignatian Prayer AdventureHappy Easter! We’ve come to the final week of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Jesus is risen! And in exploring our theme of “God’s Love and Our Response,” we take the lessons from the entire retreat and go forward, changed by the experience.

This retreat has been introduced during Lent and Easter, but it will have a permanent home on this site. You may wish to return to the entire experience or select portions in the future. Or invite a friend to experience the retreat at a convenient time.

Please share your questions and reflections in the comments section throughout the week.


  1. I believe that nothing in life happens unless it is according to God’s plan. I wanted so much to join a really deep and meaningful retreat to help me get Jesus perspective in a major career and change in my life path. The available retreats run by Jesuits did not jive with my schedules. I wanted a Jesuit Retreat in particular after having read the books of The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything by James Martin, S.J. , and the three books of Fr. James Reuter, S.J., on the Blessed Mother. I am so grateful to have found the Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I have since shared these with many of my friends and many have expressed their joy in joining this experience. Thank you very much for being a channel of God’s good to me and my friends. We are all in the Philippines and mostly senior citizens.
    By the way, I found your site after searching “How to do the EXAMEN”. I am so glad that you will leave the retreat on line as I plan to redo the retreat. Thank you again. God bless you and your work.


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