What a Surprise!

Easter isn’t a happy ending. It’s a new beginning. Easter is an incredible surprise. No one was expecting it, but it happened. Jesus rose from the dead, and a new creation was born, starting with Jesus but intended for the whole world. We are summoned to get on board. Let’s have a party!

Enjoy an Easter greeting video from all of us at Loyola Press:


  1. Thankyou better than an Easter Egg. The daily retreats are truly life giving and a must have,so blessed to have this inspiration in my life.
    Jill, Adelaide Australia

  2. Happy Easter to all of you. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources for our online parish. Truly I have gone “someplace else” this Lent. Loyola provided the transportation.
    It is just about light here in NY and you can see Easter rising up between the houses in my neighborhood.
    Grace and Blessings!


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