For the Greater Glory of God

“For the greater glory of God.” This was Ignatius’s motto. He taught that it is important for us not just to do good things, but to do them for the right reasons. For it is certainly possible to perform seemingly good work for bad reasons: merely for money or fame, or to draw attention to ourselves, or to draw attention away from others,  or to put off doing the less glamorous work we really should be doing. If we offer every task “for the greater glory of God,” as Ignatius did, we will begin with the only worthy end in mind. If we work for any lesser goal, we will never find peace or satisfaction in what we do.

Mike Aquilina and Kris Stubna

Take Five: On-The-Job Meditations With St. Ignatius


  1. I strive to do every task of great glory of God,the kingdom is brought about by the disciples of jesus who said that they refuse to worship money and insist to share with brother.

  2. Do things well and for the right reasons. Happy memories of teaching at a Jesuit School. Starting each lesson with AMDG and if memory serves ending with LDS.

  3. Jim, thank you for this reminder. It is so easy in our busy lives just to keeping doing and not to pause to remind ourselves that every task can be offered “for the greater glory of God”. This also brings purpose to each task and more joy in the performance of the task.


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