Fruits of the Spirit

I cannot help but smile as I remember a conversation I had with Abby on the way home from preschool the other day.

strawberriesMe: What did you learn about in chapel today?

Abby: The fruits of the spirit.

Me: Really? What are the fruits of the spirit?


While Abby did not answer with a “Fruit of the Spirit” as we know it, she did provide me with an incredible moment of consolation: a felt presence of God through the gift of laughter and the increase of hope and love. Abby helped me remember, as she does so many days, that I have no doubt that I discerned the vocation that most brings me to a fuller life.


    • Me too, Lynda! I discerned religious life in my early 20s (while dating my hubby), and I have no doubt that I made the right choice. Life led me to marriage, to motherhood, and a career in lay ministry in the Catholic church.

  1. this post made me grateful for God’s presence and purpose, and His Love in my life. It also made me hungry for strawberries. God bless little Abby, for reminding us of God’s abundance of gifts to us through His Spirit!

    • Kim,
      Abby reminds me quite frequently of God’s abundance love and gifts in my life. I agree, I am hungry for strawberries also! I picked strawberries the day I went into labor for Abby so her answer was even more meaningful for me!


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