Goldfish Attention Spans

goldfishGoldfish have longer attention spans than humans. Kelly Schreckenberger takes that fact as the starting point for reflection.

Take a minute or two and listen to your thoughts. How many different directions does your mind take you?

We have grown accustomed to measuring our lives by how what we do, and how much we produce. “What did you do today?” is a common question… We tell ourselves how important we are by how full our calendar is…and we often tell others that too.

Our jobs, our friends, school, our family relationships—all of these things require our time and our energy. It is vital that we all take time out from our daily, busy lives to slow down, to pause, and to reflect. Do we remember to do that?

Take this as your reminder to take a pause and slow down today.


  1. Many years ago a very wise sister-in-law told me to take time to smell the roses. Since I was very busy creating a career, I was sure that I knew best and continued my 4am wake up and 7-5 work and 90min round trip commute. But God had other plans. Ten exhausting years later, I found myself sprituality-physically-mentally broken. Only then could God take my blank canvas and rebuild me into someone who can watch a spider spin a web. Our Creator is great!


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