Job and the Mystery of Suffering

Many readers commented on Becky Eldredge’s splendid post last week “What If the Answer Is No?”  This column by John Coleman, SJ, on the America blog continues the conversation.  It’s mainly about Richard Rohr’s book Job and the Mystery of Suffering.

Rohr notes: “I believe–if I am to believe Jesus– that God is suffering love. This God who suffers the most is also the God who saves the most. The wounded one is the redeemer. Thus, many cultures loved to picture Jesus as wounded from head to foot, and we thought the iconography was overdone. But it is exactly the same image that begins The Book of Job: “Job was struck down with malignant ulcers from the sole of his foot to the top of his head” (2:8). “He who carries all, understands all, He who has suffered all, has a universal compassion. He who has been afflicted and lived is the bearer of hope. The wounded one is always the gift given.”



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