Kevin O’Brien, SJ, on Discernment in the Jesuit Tradition

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, presented an hour-long webinar on “Discernment in the Jesuit Tradition” for Georgetown University Alumni Career Services. The information is valuable for anyone interested in learning about how to make decisions using Ignatian discernment.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Kevin O’Brien, SJ, on Discernment in the Jesuit Tradition.


  1. The articles posted are always pertinent to growth in the spiritual life; I am disappointed at times that people cannot share such healthy information on the spiritual life because it cannot be shared on the social media ie twitter. There are some articles that give that opportunity, but others do not. great work by all and think about letting the world know of your work. Great evangelization tool. Be well, fj, sj

    • Fr. LeBlanc, I’m a bit confused by your comment. We encourage sharing of our posts on Twitter and other social media. In fact, sharing buttons are at the end of each post to help you in spreading the word about your favorite posts.


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