Doodling and Creating Better Ideas

Marquette University shares the inspiring story of a cancer survivor, stroke survivor, university student, and doodler through his own words in “My Doodling Journey.” The doodler and survivor is Ben Hofman, who concludes:

If you are to take away anything from my story, it’s this: It is not just about doodling, it is about creating better ideas.

I didn’t understand art until art became my outlet. By being able to doodle, I have opened up new pathways in my mind. As a result, I have created limitless possibilities for myself.

That’s a powerful takeaway from an activity many people do just to pass the time. Do you have a hobby that has brought you to create better ideas?


  1. I’m a quilter and I often find myself meditating as I work.
    Sometimes life feels like a crazy patchwork.
    The mismatched pieces, the chunks that don’t really seem to fit anywhere come together in ways I would never expect.
    Beauty emerges from unexpected sources.


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