Listening to God’s Call

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Author Barbara Lee experienced a call to be a spiritual director in her retirement years and encourages those who are aging to, “Listen to what God is calling you to do now, which may be very different from what you’ve done in earlier decades. God is full of surprises.”

Barbara is the author of Answering God’s Call: A Scripture-Based Journey for Older Adults and God Isn’t Finished with Me Yet. She shared the above video wisdom story, inspired by the book, Sharing the Wisdom of Time—itself inspiration for the Netflix series, Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis.

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  1. Thanks Barbara. Indeed older adults are our Wisdom Banks. They all have a lot to contribute to our onward journey. Wishing you strength and stamina.

  2. I am just about to retire from my part time counselling position in a drug & alcohol rehabilitation service. I have been praying the Sucipe of Ignatius and trust that the path forward will be revealed in God’s time. At age 76 there are big decisions pending.

  3. Thanks so much. I really needed to hear this. I retired and am working on a masters degree in creative writing. I’ve been feeling discouraged lately. Your accomplishments are inspiring. I’ll plug on!


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