Lunchtime Examen Week 6: What Shall I Do?

Our sixth and last Lunchtime Examen goes online today. This week’s question is “What shall I do?” It’s about the final step of the traditional Ignatian examen–the action we take to love God and other people in the day ahead.  Click on the button above. (Click here if you can’t see it.)

These Lunchtime Examens have been introduced every Wednesday in Lent, but they’ll be permanently available here at


  1. So glad that you are leaving the links for the Lunchtime Examen. It was my Lenten practice and helped me to learn more about the Examen and how I could pray it – something I have wanted to do.
    I am still a beginner, but I know now that I will contine to pray it in the future.


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