Prayer on the Passion of Jesus Christ

An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

This post is based on Week Seven of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure.

Fr. Joseph Tetlow, SJ, makes these key points in talking about the graces of the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises and praying with the Passion of Jesus Christ.

  • This prayer is about Jesus’ suffering, not ours.
  • Jesus endured suffering and death because he loves us so deeply.
  • The chief purpose of his Passion is to draw our love to God.
  • God knows our experiences.
  • Compassion is suffering shared by those who love.
  • We see how deep into our human nature the love of God penetrates.

Fr. Tetlow’s books include Considering JesusAlways Discerning, and You Have Called Me by My Name.


  1. The Reverend Joe continues to offer heart-warming reflections in this Lenten tide. Thanks for the effort. God bless.

  2. I enjoyed this so very much. Fr. Tetlow helps me to look at the beliefs of our faith in a whole different light. Compassion for Jesus’ suffering instead of empathy! I never would have come up with that difference.
    Thank you, Fr. Tetlow!


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