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“What would you like to save on today?”  I was wandering through an online store and noticed how this question kept appearing adjacent to the site’s search prompt.

What would I like to save on? Psycho-spiritual wear and tear came immediately to mind, so I typed in “soul.”

When I clicked the “Go” button, 5,910 results quickly piled onto my computer screen.  Of course I couldn’t help but notice how soul stuff marked “clearance” was mostly for men; also wondered why in the name of all that is holy “People Who Search for ‘soul’ Ultimately Bought” a Calvin Klein handbag. I can’t imagine settling for a handbag.

Call me crazy for engaging in this sort of silliness and you wouldn’t be the first. Yes, I can and often do turn just about any ordinary encounter into a spiritual exercise — and I thank God* for that.

*My search for “God” netted 10,098 results.


  1. God in all things! (Perhaps even in the handbag for someone, somewhere…)
    And I’ll admit that I’ve undertaken similar spiritual exercises on the ads that appear on the top bar of my gmail.


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